We offer solutions for Large scale operations, covering numerous locations.

Our Solutions for Corporations

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Tailored Services for Corporations

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Metro Bank

Were the first high street bank for over 100 years in the UK market, with over 70 stores in just under 10 years they have been described as a true challenger to the big 4 UK banks. With stores open 7 days a week and a model that offers free coin counting facilities, instant card issuance and no appointment needed for opening accounts, they have a unique attraction in the market.

The Challenge
In 2015 we engaged the bank and presented a way we could process the coin achieving a better commercial model, improved reporting and leaner reconciliation timelines.


  • Process in excess of £50mil from the Magic Money Machines each year

  • We complete over 180 CIT services a month to support the store cash operation

The Outcome
Following on the success of the coin processing the relationship with the bank has grown and we now support the bank with over 180 CIT services a month supporting their entire cash logistics for the store network. We also partnered with the bank to launch an innovative digital CIT solution in December 2019, which aims to provide CIT services to small enterprises across the Metro Bank Store network.