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Discover how Pivotal have assisted Lidl Ireland since 2008 by streamlining efficiency in their cash cycle and improving store productivity.

Key Stats
£4.5M in cash collected and managed per annum
£7.2M in rolled coin supplied to stores

The management of cash at our sites is closely monitored and reported and Pivotal provide us with an excellent level of service and a method by which we can reconcile our cash lodgements and change orders each week with ease.

“Lidl Ireland required a cash management provider which would give certainty of maintaining high service levels, enhance store efficiency and provide a unique change ordering solution. Lidl are one of the leading high street food retail stores in the UK & Ireland.”

Case Studies

Peppermint now services over 40 events every year, primarily delivering premium bar solutions to one day concerts, sports events and music festivals throughout the country.

Key Stats
£12m in cash supply & processed in 2019
Over 40 events & festivals serviced annually.

“Pivotal are a pleasure to work with. They provide a great service and never compromise on quality, helping us to deliver our operations, should they be in central London, or Perth, Scotland. We would recommend them to any business looking for a safe, quality CIT solution.”

Capita is the largest business process outsourcing and professional services company in the UK, with an overall market share of 29% in 2016, and has clients in central government, local government and the private sector.

Cash centre outsourcing to Pivotal is a great way to fulfil your business transactional needs and we’ve proven that in most cases creates stronger operational & commercial results.

Key Stats
Over 550 services completed a month for vulnerable residents.

“We have used Pivotal cash delivery service since March 2018. The company were able to offer a bespoke service that fitted in with our specific needs. The service is reliable, professional and is also able to flex at short notice. Critically we need to support vulnerable residents and there is complete trust that Pivotal can deal with changing operational needs timetabling changes. All staff are so helpful and are a pleasure to deal with and will always go the extra mile.”