Environmental Policy


The purpose of this Policy is to outline the management direction and support for environmental management in accordance with business requirements and relevant laws and regulations and to demonstrate that the Pivotal Group is committed to complying with all current relevant legislation regarding the Environment Safety and Industry Codes of Practices.                


This policy applies to all Pivotal services in all regions and to all Pivotal employees, The Environmental Policy and its supporting controls, processes and procedures apply to all individuals who have access to Pivotal sites, information and technologies, including external parties that provide information processing services to Pivotal.  This policy is available to all interested parties via the company web-site and on request.

Policy Statement

Pivotal recognises that good management includes all environmental matters and will ensure that environmental protection and the prevention of pollution are part of all decisions, policies and practices. 

General Principles

The Company shall endeavour to work towards the following objectives:

We pledge to implement and operate the ISO-14001 Environmental Management System to further enhance environmental performance. Our main operational objectives and commitments are as follows:

  • Understanding each sites legal obligations and ensure compliance.
  • Design and implement environmental management systems.
  • Enable the reduction, reuse and recycling of general waste and packaging materials.
  • To improve energy efficiency and reduce energy waste.
  • We are committed to the prevention of pollution and take all measures to ensure the same.
  • And for the protection of the environment.
  • We are committed to the process of continual improvement.
  • We are committed to meet or exceed relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements


This policy will be communicated to all parties interested in the performance of our environmental management system, including the public.  This policy shall be reviewed annually.

Richard Stubber
Operations Director
01St March 2020